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Trekking Guide in Nepal leads all trekking trail of Nepal including Everest Annapurna Langtang and many other restricted trekking like Manaslu , Kanchenjunga  , Upper Mustang Tsum Valley and many more...

Mt. Everest also known as Chomolongma in Tibetan Language, Sagarmatha in Nepali as well as other nick names like Peak XV and Third Pole is the foremost magnetism of trekker who visits Nepal. Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang Valley, Annapurna Round, Manaslu Circuit, Kanchenjunga Base Camp are the major attraction of Trekkers although there are other famous place to trek throughout the Nepal from East to West ranging from world highest trekking point to sea level in Terai belt of Nepal.

Regarding the travelling in Nepal it is not safe to travel alone. Travellers from sea level are not acclimatised to higher altitude as a result one can suffer from AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and face lots of other problem. Lots of times we can get news like traveler get lost on this place; he was last seen in this place and is missing now. Sometimes like get robbed and even some time murdered as police found the dead body later and published the news. So everybody recommend hiring a guide or porter and traveling through local travel agencies which is safe as travel agencies take all the responsibility and other factor will be handled very well. So I like to let you know that I can organised  all the trekking activities in Nepal please feel free to contact me as I have travel almost around 75-80 % of trekking area of Nepal in higher altitude. So it is like a hard job to find the license holder authorised trekking guide in Nepal and another factor is he should be reliable and honest. So your search is over now

If you are looking for Trek in Nepal and no idea how to choose trekking guide , our team will suggest you to hire a best , insure , experience trekking guide for any reason like Annapurna , Everest , Langtang , and more over as we are specialised for the different restricted trekking like Kanchenjunga Manaslu , Upper Mustang , Tsum Valley , we all team have well organised Trekking guide in Nepal  ,

Trekking Guides  Become Mandatory For All Foreign Tourists

Gone are the days of independent trekking in Nepal. Government officials have announced that, beginning in September, all tourists who wish to trek in the country, famed for its Himalayan peaks, must be accompanied by at least one government-approved porter or guide.

Groups tackling Nepal's rugged back country were already required to have the assistance of a guide, but the new ruling from the Ministry of Home Affairs will force solo adventurers to seek assistance as well.

The Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal welcomed the decision, which it said will ensure the safety of tourists and control illegal trekking businesses out of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Find the article from  some news site : :
Trekking agency assocation of Nepal (TAAN)

Importance of Trekking Guide in Nepal...

Normally how travellers perceive Trekking guide in Nepal  is like just to show the way in the mountain which is really not true instead I heartily request all blog reader to develop broad aspect regarding the guide.

What I think is a guide a guide who show the way in high altitude mountain not only that he should behave as a care taker, a waiter in guest house and a close friend. Which mean when you get sick in the mountain it is a big deal to face it alone at that time guide are like blessing as they are there to take care twenty four hours a day. For example you face a problem with high altitude and need to descend down in mid night it is almost impossible and not safe to descend alone at that time we guide are there. And regarding the food we can enter inside the kitchen and observe the raw material whether they are fresh or not, well washed or not and can instruct cook to do it fast if you are hungry, to make it fresh and hygienic. We can help to reserve the room with good view also as we used to have good relation to hotel operator in trail and all the time if available we can request them to give the key of this room number, that room number and so on. In some place like while crossing the high passes there is danger of crevasse but we can identify where crevasse is and avoid route from there. It is not an easy job to figure out the crevasse but our knowledge and experience help us a lot. And in some place we might get stuck in one place because of heavy snowfall overnight or landslide at such time also we can fix a rope to cross those sections. We have knowledge of rock climbing, first aid kit; can predict weather for tomorrow and other factor. Only the government authorised license holder guide like us had took a month long training and posses ability to handle the entire thing patiently in high altitude mountain so please be aware of unauthorised guide.

Our team will dedicate to provide authorised trekking guide in Nepal for the any region trekking in Nepal . Most experience , Dedicated , well know about the himalaya from the team of  our guide for the trek in Nepal would be a best option.

Cost of Trekking Guide in Nepal...

The cost of trekking guide in Nepal is varied depending upon the several factors. Although there is slight difference in salary of guide on several places of Nepal I like to give you a general pricing standard of guide on per day basis. Before listing the price I like to make you clear about the factor which determines the cost of trekking guide. Normally the first factor is license, if guide posses a license from Nepal government his rate is higher as he is qualified although some might offer a cheaper price who does not have a license and it is very risky to travel with those because any time government officer can ask for license in check post as if he cannot show his license to officer then it might be legal issue. Another factor is extremeness of trail comparatively guide cost for Annapurna Base Camp is cheaper in compare to Everest Base Camp because of higher altitude range of Everest. Another factor determining the cost of guide is range of expensiveness in trekking region as Everest region is more expensive than other trail so cost of guide is higher. These are the major factors which determine the cost.

               • Everest Region - US $ 18-20 per day
               • Annapurna Region -  US $ 16-18 per day
               • Langtang Region – US $ 16-18 per day
               • Kanchenjunga region – US $ 20-25 per day
               • Makalu region – US $ 22 - 25 per day
               • Ganesh Himal and Manaslu region – US $ 22 - 25 per day
               • Tsum Valley – US $ 22 - 25 per day
               • Upper Mustang – US $ 22-25 per day
               • Upper Dolpa – US $ 22 - 25 per day
               • Rara region – US $ 22 -30 per day
               • Humla  & Jumla region –  US $ 22 - 30 per day

So now I like to let you know what thing are included in above mention cost.
Accommodation in the mountain
Three times food i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
All necessary gears renting
Insurance of guide ( We can give you the print paper of insurance of our trekking guide )

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hire a Trekking Guide while I am trek in Nepal..?

Hire a Trekking in Nepal is safer to trek by adjoining with local travel agencies and government authorised license holder trekking guide. Till this date certain areas of Nepal are declared as restricted area trekking region where there is compulsion of hiring at least one Nepali guide and need to adjoin with local travel agencies in order to issue the permits. However other famous trail like Annapurna Trek, Everest Trek, and Langtang trek are not exposed to this rule one can trek freely solo. But from several aspects it is highly recommend hiring a trekking guide in Nepal main feature is for safety, local tradition culture, history of places, as mountain are highly unpredictable weather might change, any unexpected things can happen like you might fall sick, while crossing high passes and landslide zone you might get hit by rocks, you might fell down broke your legs, ankle, acute mountain sickness so it is highly recommend to hire trekking guide in Nepal.

Where and How Can I get trekking guide in Nepal..?

Do you know how to choose Best trekking guide in Nepal ..??? . If you don't know we are talking about in this matter . Who every traveler want to hire during their trekking in Nepal Himalayas. There are several Freelance trekking guides in Nepal however trekking agencies are recommend to be joined. In that case trekking companies will be highly responsible so we suggest to hire a government authorised license holder trekking guide with help of local travel company. For this you search over trip adviser, local yellow page sites, travel forum, travel blog of other traveler, But do not go through company who paying money for Google add, go for real reviews and experience company.

Research carefully how or where you can hire trekking guide / potter during your trekking vacation in Nepal before departure for the mountain.

Benefit of Trekking Guide in Nepal during Trek..?

To be a freelance trekker's you may not know what's the benefit of trekking guide during Nepal's mountain . Trekking guide themselves are symbol of excellence as they had been trekking in same route for several time although they switched from one region to another region. They are well knowledgeable about the danger that one might need to face, how to overcome them. Unknowingly trekkers might have been developing symptoms of AMS. As guide are well aware about from which altitude does people start facing this problems, can describe about local culture, tradition. Altitude of current places, altitude of next settlements, on which altitude to take race, how to adopt with AMS, super valiance during case of emergencies and difficulties. Several times  guide used to descend their clients in mid of night to lower altitude, first aid kit box, help to connect to travel company, insurance provider in case of emergency medical evacuation. Helps to book the hotels on the way there are many unseen hidden benefit of trekking guide in compare to one travelling solo.

How much is the cost for Hire a trekking guide in Nepal..?

Do you want to know the Cost of hiring a guide in Nepal Himalaya . If you are wondering How much is the cost for trekking guide in Nepal ..?   You should carefully read our blog . is depends upon several factors like region of trekking, number of trekker in group, qualification of guide, his experience. Before trekking guide in Nepal one need to have general idea about cost of guide what things are included over there, whether you need to pay extra top of that amount or not. Generally things included in cost are insurance of guide, his food, his accommodation and his salary as well as equipments. If all this things are included then average cost of hire trekking guide Nepal will result around US $ 16 – US $ 20 per day depending upon quality of guide, his communication skill, his experience, his service review and many other things. Before choosing guide take interview before fixing a price, ask him about his experience on that trail, his nature, what he expect from clients, his level of tolerance and several other things to make sure about he is right person for you as you will be with guides for trekking at least 5-6 days in minimum trekking.

Why organisation (Company) is necessary..?

Freelance trekking guide in Nepal is ok however they cannot be fully trusted as companies offering their services. As Trekking agencies in Nepal are government authorised, they had obtain license for foreign money exchange, issue permits, permission from tourism board of Nepal to operate activities related with tourism. With help of company you can obtain group trekker TIMS card which is really fruitful as they covered insurance of guide porter also. In case of emergency those slips or receipts which are obtained from companies transaction can be use as legal proofs. Not only this local Nepalese trekking companies in form your embassy, your travel insurance provider about trek you had start as at any time so in case of emergency some quick action can be taken. So mainly local trekking companies Nepal are necessary for legal paper, to issue group TIMS card, to issue special restricted area trekking permits, trustworthy crew members, and co-operation in case of emergency in mountain and off course reliable services.

Do we have to book in advance with payments..?

Well there might be several criteria which can decide whether you need to pay advance or not. Let's talk with some examples, let us suppose you are travelling to Nepal from Tibet, now you need pickup service from Tibet border to Kathmandu Nepal. In this case if you have not paid advance then transport companies might refuse to send a vehicle in Tibet border as it is 118 Km far at least they need some guaranty for your arrival in border. Another example if you are arriving from International Airport then in such case just forwarding flight schedule will be ok as it will not be a risk to send vehicle for transportation just up to International Airport. And if you are arriving late on some day want to start trek next morning then you need to pay advance as companies need to issue necessary trekking permits, necessary flight ticket booking specially for case of Everest Trekking as Lukla Flight ticket is one of the tough things to be managed. And sometime if it is a peak season then you need to send certain amount advance as they need to hold booking so they might be seeking for some advance for safety. So basically depending upon condition you might or might not need to pay money before arriving to Nepal but you definitely need to book the trip on advance specially for those with less time span.

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Bio-graphic Of Me...

It is pleasure to introduce myself as a freelance trekking guide form Nepal. Talking about me I was born in 1988 in Gorkha District and grow on the lap of Mighty Manaslu. Every day when I see the Manaslu from my window I wish to climb that mountain. When I was in early childhood I had travel alone to Manaslu Base Camp and return from Samagau Village but now a day people travel further from Samagau and cross larke la pass which is known as Around Manaslu Trekking. In additional to this Manaslu circuit trekking another side trip can be attended which lead you the centuries old Tsum Valley Nepal.  I am proud to let you know that I am born and grown up in the lap of Manaslu Gorkha, a gateway for Tsum Valley trekking and Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Regardless of my birth place I have travel to lots of other place like Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Base Camp Trekking and Annapurna Circuit Trek, Gokyo Cho la Pass Trekking, Langtang Trek and Kanchenjunga as well as Makalu Base Camp. Talking about me again when I graduate from grade 10 to continue my study further I came to Kathmandu. During my high school I use to work as an office boy in one travel agency in Thamel. My main task was to prepare contract paper, type and print the itinerary, fold the map which as displayed on the table to make the deal and put them on corresponding drawer. Before folding map back into original position I use to look over it, I used to explore my dream in Map. With help of map I have explore several base camp and high passes almost expedition some times. I use to make a fake story to told people that I have just return from Everest Base Camp Trek; I have been to Gokyo Valley & Cho la pass and so on. But later when I finish my high school examination I had around 4 month holiday and I talk with director that I want to do Trekking in Nepal. He sends me as a porter for the first time in Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trek with another government license holder authorized guide who has not been there before. Because of my past experience I lead all the way n help to identify the entire mountain on the way; I was able to explain accommodation in Tsum Nepal and other cultural practices on lama people who almost follow Tibetan Tradition. Later when we finish the trek my client gave me some money to participate in license program. I utilize that money, go and take a guide course and became a license holder guide. Although I have license I was not experience because I still need to explore lots of place. Later slowly I start collecting information; even I go to Everest Base Camp from Jiri as a porter because we need to acclimatize our self in such high altitude which was a right choice. After couple of year of travelling several places in Nepal I became a professional guide. During off season time I use to join language class and as a result I can speak Japanese language fluently and understand the local language of Lama People from Langtang which is very easy to communicate during Langtang Trekking. I take a SEO class and learn to create a blog and some HTML coding. So I highly request all the blog reader to appreciate and forgive me that my English language as it is not so much good. And I also like to let visitor know some fact like while travelling in restricted region of Nepal like Upper Mustang, Nar-Phu Valley Trekking, Upper Dolpa, Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Nepal, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking, Makalu Base Camp you need to issue a special permit which you cannot issue by yourself, you need to join with local travel company to issue a permit so I can help you to issue such type of permit through government authorized trekking company as I have a good relation with such company also. And I highly request my clients to travel through help of local company as you need to issue a permit and TIMS to trek which will be more convenient for you to issue an in case of emergency also those travel company will be found responsible and useful.

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Cost Of Trekking Guide in Nepal

The cost of trekking guide in Nepal is varied depending upon the several factors. Although there is slight difference in salary of guide on several places of Nepal I like to give you a general pricing standard of guide on per day basis. Before listing the price I like to make you clear about the factor which determines the cost of trekking guide. Normally the first factor is license, if guide posses a license from Nepal government his rate is higher as he is qualified although some might offer a cheaper price who does not have a license and it is very risky to travel with those because any time

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking
Everest base camp Pictures

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking Information

If you are a good trekker’s and if you love to be in Mountain of Trekking in Nepal and specially Nepal Everest base camp Trekking can be a best option during holiday in Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trek can be done in minimum 12 days to up to 23 days. The first option from minimum 12 days can be fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and trek up to Base Camp Kalapatthar and back to Lukla -Kathmandu, and another option for long trek can be done in 23 days via Jiri. Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most classical trekking trails in Nepal. If you are not train for Everest base camp trekking jiri to Everest base camp can be extremely suitable option. You might think why Jiri to Everest base camp trek best option for trainee trekker’s is, you can easily avoid the mountain sickness since the trail is gradually increase. The number of trekker’s who made trek lukla to Everest base camp most probability they have chance to fell mountain sickness because of elevation. I have reason again why there is more chance is the elevation of Kathmandu is only 1300m and the same day you will fly to Lukla that is lies at the elevation of 2850m. Gradually your day-to-day itinerary will increase in difference of 500m to 800 m a day. That’s the reason if you are not train or if you are not used to in such elevation. That might be the reason of sickness. Since I am publishing all my opinion might not work to all, meaning different person can avoid Mountain sickness in different way. And also depends on their body immunizes power to fight with altitude.

Everest base camp Trekking has some of best month to trek. The weather is always not very well and the flight from Kathmandu to lukla too. In Nepal we have two best times to trek to Everest Base Camp in a year. The first best season is Atom the last of September to up to the first week of December, and second is Spring March and April. The October season is one of the best times to trek in Nepal Himalaya. I have some recommendation for you to search Trekking in Nepal in October. It is not only you need the best trekking trail but also you should know what is the best time for it. Everest base camp is the best for trekking you can get more information of Everest Base Camp weather October form this link.

If you have any inquires please feel to write some word at :