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It is pleasure to introduce myself as a freelance trekking guide form Nepal. Talking about me I was born in 1988 in Gorkha District and grow on the lap of Mighty Manaslu. Every day when I see the Manaslu from my window I wish to climb that mountain. When I was in early childhood I had travel alone to Manaslu Base Camp and return from Samagau Village but now a day people travel further from Samagau and cross larke la pass which is known as Around Manaslu Trekking. In additional to this Manaslu circuit trekking another side trip can be attended which lead you the centuries old Tsum Valley Nepal.  I am proud to let you know that I am born and grown up in the lap of Manaslu Gorkha, a gateway for Tsum Valley trekking and Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Regardless of my birth place I have travel to lots of other place like Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Base Camp Trekking and Annapurna Circuit Trek, Gokyo Cho la Pass Trekking, Langtang Trek and Kanchenjunga as well as Makalu Base Camp. Talking about me again when I graduate from grade 10 to continue my study further I came to Kathmandu. During my high school I use to work as an office boy in one travel agency in Thamel. My main task was to prepare contract paper, type and print the itinerary, fold the map which as displayed on the table to make the deal and put them on corresponding drawer. Before folding map back into original position I use to look over it, I used to explore my dream in Map. With help of map I have explore several base camp and high passes almost expedition some times. I use to make a fake story to told people that I have just return from Everest Base Camp Trek; I have been to Gokyo Valley & Cho la pass and so on. But later when I finish my high school examination I had around 4 month holiday and I talk with director that I want to do Trekking in Nepal. He sends me as a porter for the first time in Manaslu Circuit Tea House Trek with another government license holder authorized guide who has not been there before. Because of my past experience I lead all the way n help to identify the entire mountain on the way; I was able to explain accommodation in Tsum Nepal and other cultural practices on lama people who almost follow Tibetan Tradition. Later when we finish the trek my client gave me some money to participate in license program. I utilize that money, go and take a guide course and became a license holder guide. Although I have license I was not experience because I still need to explore lots of place. Later slowly I start collecting information; even I go to Everest Base Camp from Jiri as a porter because we need to acclimatize our self in such high altitude which was a right choice. 

After couple of year of travelling several places in Nepal I became a professional guide. During off season time I use to join language class and as a result I can speak Japanese language fluently and understand the local language of Lama People from Langtang which is very easy to communicate during Langtang Trekking. I take a SEO class and learn to create a blog and some HTML coding. So I highly request all the blog reader to appreciate and forgive me that my English language as it is not so much good. And I also like to let visitor know some fact like while travelling in restricted region of Nepal like Upper Mustang, Nar-Phu Valley Trekking, Upper Dolpa, Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Nepal, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking, Makalu Base Camp you need to issue a special permit which you cannot issue by yourself, you need to join with local travel company to issue a permit so I can help you to issue such type of permit through government authorized trekking company as I have a good relation with such company also. And I highly request my clients to travel through help of local company as you need to issue a permit and TIMS to trek which will be more convenient for you to issue an in case of emergency also those travel company will be found responsible and useful.

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NEST said...

Kanchenjunga tea House Trek is one of the most amazing trekking trail of Nepal .NEST (Nepal Explore Summit Treks) has leading new semi camping Tea House Trekking in Kanchenjunga Region as Kanchenjunga Tea House Trekking in Nepal .

NEST said...

Trekking guide in Nepal is the ambassador of Himalaya who know the culture localism of the Trekking trail of Nepal. Hire a Trekking guide in Nepal is not a Expensive but its best chance to Explore Himalaya in a safety way too .

NEST said...

Upper Mustang Trek is Nepal’s best and hidden Kingdome's valley . Trekking in Upper Mustang always offer the best of Tibetan Culture and old Monasteries .Although Trekkers are not allow to go in that reason without having a special restricted Trekking Permit , Because of its own glory the Trekking To Upper Mustang is very popular with the Tourist . NEST ( Nepal Explore Summit Treks ) is specialized for this region for your best organization .

NEST said...

Among all the available trekking in the world Everest Base Camp Trek is ranked in fourth place because of its own glory as the highest peak of the world and loyal Sherpa people. Since Everest Base Camp Trekking provide an opportunity to the travelers to say have been to the base of the world & highest mountain Everest Base Camp Trek is extremely popular among all the travelers who visit Nepal for trekking. The Mount Everest Base Camp Trek is perfectly lead by NEST ( Nepal Explore Summit Trek )

NEST said...

Everest flight which is also named as mountain flight. Early in the morning more than fifteen to twenty airplanes leave the runway of international airport on Nepal to attend Everest flight along with eighteen passengers. Mountain Flight can be considered as good alternative for those people who cannot make their Everest base camp trekking and other trekking in central and eastern region because one can have amazing aerial view of long panoramic mountain range during Everest flight.

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Car Rental service in Nepal can be a most easier with NEST Adventure Care Rental in Kathmandu Nepal .we are offering Cheapest Vehicle Rental in all over lad on Nepal wide range vehicle service and luxury transportation service to our customers for giving them the best of comforts with Tour Trekking , and adventure outdoor activates in Nepal.

NEST said...

Nar Phu valley trek is conducted in two separate valleys respectively Nar and Phu of Manang District. The two separate valley Nar and Phu use Tibetan-Burman language named Narpa with the intent to avert Manang and Gyasumdo to understand them. This area is granted permission to trek from 2003 only before it was inhabited by its local Tibetan origin Nepali citizen only. Because of its severe seclusion Nepal government has not allow it to explore by single trekkers and a guide is obligatory. NEST ( Nepal Explore Summit Treks ) always in a head to operate your Trekking in Nar phu Valley

rajendra khanal said...

How is Mountain Everest Flight in Nepal..?

Mountain flight to Everest is one of the most amazing flight might be among your entire flight, as it givers incredible view of might Everest along with other three Eight Thousanders as well as numerous other peaks with Tibetan Plateau on northern border. Everest mountain flight in Nepal review can be helpful before deciding to attend the flight. However talking about Everest Flight it is operated from Kathmandu and is around one hour long flight which end of same runway. Early morning sunrise over mighty Everest is one of the most breathtaking moments. It is once in a life time experience to attend Nepal Mount Everest Flight.

rajendra khanal said...

How / where and with whom should I Book the ticket..?

How to book mountain flight in Nepal ? Well this might be one of the tough question either you can directly go to authorized webpage of airlines of crawl over internet. All you need is to provide details of passport and dates that you want to attend mountain flight in Nepal . Where to book, well there are several mountain flight booking companies you can check the price and services included like airport pickup, airport drop, domestic tax included or not. Now it is tough to say exactly with whom to book mountain flight as there are lots of Everest Mountain Flight Booking companies, we highly recommend Nepal Everest Flight Booking Company ( as they are stock holder of ticket and sometimes offer really cheaper price for stock ticket. During case of cancelation of flight because of external factor like weather they used to refund full amount of money to clients without discussing a single word as most of mountain flight booking companies hesitate to refund full amount and pretend you need cancelation stamp, you need to go to airlines office get cancelation stamp this that but they are hassle free.

rajendra khanal said...

How much is the cost of mountain flight..?

Mountain flight cost in Nepal depends upon airlines and stock agent whom you choose and it depends upon airlines also. Current official rate of Mountain flight US $ 193.(Rate can be change) Buddha air mountain flight is considered as most safe and enjoyable with its bigger window and advance machines. Depending upon the special offer, airlines, stock agents, stock ticket price might vary but maximum retail price is US $ 193 per person.

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Cost Of Trekking Guide in Nepal

The cost of trekking guide in Nepal is varied depending upon the several factors. Although there is slight difference in salary of guide on several places of Nepal I like to give you a general pricing standard of guide on per day basis. Before listing the price I like to make you clear about the factor which determines the cost of trekking guide. Normally the first factor is license, if guide posses a license from Nepal government his rate is higher as he is qualified although some might offer a cheaper price who does not have a license and it is very risky to travel with those because any time

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking
Everest base camp Pictures

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking Information

If you are a good trekker’s and if you love to be in Mountain of Trekking in Nepal and specially Nepal Everest base camp Trekking can be a best option during holiday in Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trek can be done in minimum 12 days to up to 23 days. The first option from minimum 12 days can be fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and trek up to Base Camp Kalapatthar and back to Lukla -Kathmandu, and another option for long trek can be done in 23 days via Jiri. Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most classical trekking trails in Nepal. If you are not train for Everest base camp trekking jiri to Everest base camp can be extremely suitable option. You might think why Jiri to Everest base camp trek best option for trainee trekker’s is, you can easily avoid the mountain sickness since the trail is gradually increase. The number of trekker’s who made trek lukla to Everest base camp most probability they have chance to fell mountain sickness because of elevation. I have reason again why there is more chance is the elevation of Kathmandu is only 1300m and the same day you will fly to Lukla that is lies at the elevation of 2850m. Gradually your day-to-day itinerary will increase in difference of 500m to 800 m a day. That’s the reason if you are not train or if you are not used to in such elevation. That might be the reason of sickness. Since I am publishing all my opinion might not work to all, meaning different person can avoid Mountain sickness in different way. And also depends on their body immunizes power to fight with altitude.

Everest base camp Trekking has some of best month to trek. The weather is always not very well and the flight from Kathmandu to lukla too. In Nepal we have two best times to trek to Everest Base Camp in a year. The first best season is Atom the last of September to up to the first week of December, and second is Spring March and April. The October season is one of the best times to trek in Nepal Himalaya. I have some recommendation for you to search Trekking in Nepal in October. It is not only you need the best trekking trail but also you should know what is the best time for it. Everest base camp is the best for trekking you can get more information of Everest Base Camp weather October form this link.

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