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Osho Vision Treks Nepal !! said...

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Osho Vision Treks Nepal !! said...

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek in one of the leading trekking route of Nepal .

Osho Vision Treks Nepal !! said...

Manaslu Circuit Trek

New tea house Trekking destination of Nepal is know as Manaslu Circuit Trek .

Osho Vision Treks Nepal !! said...

Upper Mustang Trek

Nepal cultural trekking route Upper Mustang Trekking in Nepal

Stephina Suzzane said...

I used the physical deformity to a certain extent by conducting research into physical deformities, but I used a more internal thing. I think the physical deformity represented emotional deformities; things inside ourselves which don't allow us fully to be open to love or to be loved. It was more the effect of that deformity that I was focusing on, and it was more of an interior journey into my own dark spaces.

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Cost Of Trekking Guide in Nepal

The cost of trekking guide in Nepal is varied depending upon the several factors. Although there is slight difference in salary of guide on several places of Nepal I like to give you a general pricing standard of guide on per day basis. Before listing the price I like to make you clear about the factor which determines the cost of trekking guide. Normally the first factor is license, if guide posses a license from Nepal government his rate is higher as he is qualified although some might offer a cheaper price who does not have a license and it is very risky to travel with those because any time

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking
Everest base camp Pictures

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking Information

If you are a good trekker’s and if you love to be in Mountain of Trekking in Nepal and specially Nepal Everest base camp Trekking can be a best option during holiday in Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trek can be done in minimum 12 days to up to 23 days. The first option from minimum 12 days can be fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and trek up to Base Camp Kalapatthar and back to Lukla -Kathmandu, and another option for long trek can be done in 23 days via Jiri. Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most classical trekking trails in Nepal. If you are not train for Everest base camp trekking jiri to Everest base camp can be extremely suitable option. You might think why Jiri to Everest base camp trek best option for trainee trekker’s is, you can easily avoid the mountain sickness since the trail is gradually increase. The number of trekker’s who made trek lukla to Everest base camp most probability they have chance to fell mountain sickness because of elevation. I have reason again why there is more chance is the elevation of Kathmandu is only 1300m and the same day you will fly to Lukla that is lies at the elevation of 2850m. Gradually your day-to-day itinerary will increase in difference of 500m to 800 m a day. That’s the reason if you are not train or if you are not used to in such elevation. That might be the reason of sickness. Since I am publishing all my opinion might not work to all, meaning different person can avoid Mountain sickness in different way. And also depends on their body immunizes power to fight with altitude.

Everest base camp Trekking has some of best month to trek. The weather is always not very well and the flight from Kathmandu to lukla too. In Nepal we have two best times to trek to Everest Base Camp in a year. The first best season is Atom the last of September to up to the first week of December, and second is Spring March and April. The October season is one of the best times to trek in Nepal Himalaya. I have some recommendation for you to search Trekking in Nepal in October. It is not only you need the best trekking trail but also you should know what is the best time for it. Everest base camp is the best for trekking you can get more information of Everest Base Camp weather October form this link.

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